Classic White Russian Cocktail

Классический белый русский ликер - рецепт на английском языке

Vodka, coffee liqueur, cream... What else do you need to make this awesome cocktail except these simple ingredients? A mood. Get yourself in that special White Russian state of mind (for example, see a little bit of "The Big Lebowski"), then you can be sure that you 100% enjoy your special "Dude" drink.


1 ounce coffee flavored liqueur (Tia Maria or Kahlua)
1 ounce vodka
1/2 cup cream or milk

In a mixing glass, combine all the ingredients. Pour over ice in an old fashioned glass.

Want to know more about White Russians? Here you are!

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  1. awesome, finally some one that explains in a simple way how to prepare a nice white russian! i'm so preparing it! thanks! ^^


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