Oladii, oladushki – Favorite Weekday Breakfast!

Оладьи обычные и банановые – лучший завтрак в будний день. Рецепты на английском языке

Traditional recipe

Fluffy, light oladii… You can enjoy them with sour cream, jam, berries, etc.

Here is the recipe for 30-35 oladii:
·         2 eggs
·         500 ml kefir
·         5 tbsp. sugar
·         1 tsp. salt
·         1 tsp. baking soda
·         200-250 g flour
·         Vegetable oil for frying
Beat eggs and sugar. Add salt, kefir and mix thoroughly. Add flour, baking soda, and make batter. Preheat the frying pan and add vegetable oil. Fry oladii until golden brown. Flip over and fry the other side till ready.

Unusual recipe: Banana oladii

Okroshka with Kvass: Recipe

Как приготовить окрошку с квасом - рецепт на английском языке

“Classic” okroshka is made with kvass (Russian bread drink), but is can also be made with kefir, mineral water, soda, or boiled water with citric acid. As for me, I think that variant with kvass is the most delicious. You can also use meat (beef or chicken) instead of sausage (bologna).
You will need the following ingredients:
·         2.5 litres kvass (not too sweet)
·         5 medium potatoes
·         4 eggs
·         2 medium cucumbers
·         300-400 g sausage (bologna, low-fat)
·         4-5 radishes, optional
·         green onion, dill, salt, sour cream — to taste

How to make okroshka with kvass
First of all, boil eggs. For hard-boiled eggs, cook them for about 10 minutes. At the same time, boil potatoes in their jackets. Meanwhile, chop vegetables and other ingredients: dice bologna and cucumbers, chop green onion and dill. Peel boiled potatoes and eggs, and dice them. Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan. Salt to taste and add kvass. Now okroshka is ready to be served.  

Homemade Tvorog (Russian Cottage Cheese) Simple Recipe /

Простые рецепты творога на английском языке 

Tvorog recipe is very easy and cheap. Moreover, tvorog is very healthy, especially for babies. Once you learn how to make tvorog at home, you will never want to give your baby store-bought cottage cheese.

I bet your friends and colleagues will be surprised with the fact that you are making cottage cheese at home. This is because most of the recipes you will find on the Interned are really difficult. However, our recipe is quite easy. But what is more important is that our tvorog tastes delicious.

It is very convenient that there are several variants of the recipe I’m going to share. Thus, you can use milk, kefir, or even both these products (ratio 1:1). You can also add sour cream, thick sour milk, yoghurt (natural, without sweeteners), or any other cultured milk products that remained in your fridge. It is also possible to make tvorog without adding any milk.

Caviar (Ikra): All You Need To Know About This Great Food

Икра: все, что вам нужно знать об этом прекрасном продукте на английском языке

Some Facts About Caviar (Ikra)

Often referred as the luxury food, Caviar is not strange to the world anymore. Caviar is considered t be originated in Russia. This Russian food is widely available online as well. It is a well known fact that Caviar is very expensive, but the great taste of this Russian food has made it the favourite dish of the people around the world. Thankfully Caviar is available in affordable prices with a few International Foods Online stores. Alright, now you might have even tasted Caviar, but we are sure that not every one of us know what exactly is Caviar and only a very few of them out there know at least a little history about Caviar.

What is Caviar?

Caviar is nothing but salted roe of fish. The interesting fact about Caviar is that this will be made of roe of different fish species. Due to this fact of using uniquely tasting fish, Caviar is one of the most delicious dishes available in this planet. As tasty and top quality this food is, as expensive its price tag is. In olden days, Caviar was strictly available only for royal people. In this modern world, with anything and everything available online at affordable prices, Caviar is now available to normal people as well.

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