Caviar (Ikra): All You Need To Know About This Great Food

Икра: все, что вам нужно знать об этом прекрасном продукте на английском языке

Some Facts About Caviar (Ikra)

Often referred as the luxury food, Caviar is not strange to the world anymore. Caviar is considered t be originated in Russia. This Russian food is widely available online as well. It is a well known fact that Caviar is very expensive, but the great taste of this Russian food has made it the favourite dish of the people around the world. Thankfully Caviar is available in affordable prices with a few International Foods Online stores. Alright, now you might have even tasted Caviar, but we are sure that not every one of us know what exactly is Caviar and only a very few of them out there know at least a little history about Caviar.

What is Caviar?

Caviar is nothing but salted roe of fish. The interesting fact about Caviar is that this will be made of roe of different fish species. Due to this fact of using uniquely tasting fish, Caviar is one of the most delicious dishes available in this planet. As tasty and top quality this food is, as expensive its price tag is. In olden days, Caviar was strictly available only for royal people. In this modern world, with anything and everything available online at affordable prices, Caviar is now available to normal people as well.

A Little History

Caviar has its roots in very ancient period. The word Caviar first got in practice by the early 1591. Caviar was widely exported to Europe by the businessman Henry Schacht. This savvy businessman earned huge cash as American dollar had a great value against the pound and the European royals were ready to pay top price for Caviar. By the 1900s Russian Caviar (Ikra) was titled as the authentic Caviar and it came in two forms such as the red caviar and black caviar. Russian Caviar is of huge demand even today and is considered as the premium food in this planet.

Authentic Russian Ikra is very hard to find. Statistics indicate the bitter fact that 90% of this high class food shipped around the planet is actually from the United States though they are labeled as authentic Russian food. Buying Caviar from the Wholesale Gourmet Food stores will be the best option as the prices will be very much affordable. All you have to do is to make sure that the food store of your choice has its roots in ancient Russian history. This will make sure that you get the authentic, luxurious Russian Caviar.

Caviar has many health benefits as well. So if you need to taste the most delicious food of this planet, you never should miss to taste Caviar.

By: John Edwardzzz


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