Homemade Tvorog (Russian Cottage Cheese) Simple Recipe /

Простые рецепты творога на английском языке 

Tvorog recipe is very easy and cheap. Moreover, tvorog is very healthy, especially for babies. Once you learn how to make tvorog at home, you will never want to give your baby store-bought cottage cheese.

I bet your friends and colleagues will be surprised with the fact that you are making cottage cheese at home. This is because most of the recipes you will find on the Interned are really difficult. However, our recipe is quite easy. But what is more important is that our tvorog tastes delicious.

It is very convenient that there are several variants of the recipe I’m going to share. Thus, you can use milk, kefir, or even both these products (ratio 1:1). You can also add sour cream, thick sour milk, yoghurt (natural, without sweeteners), or any other cultured milk products that remained in your fridge. It is also possible to make tvorog without adding any milk.

Tvorog (Russian Cottage Cheese) with kefir 

To make 400-500 g of tvorog, you will need 1 litre milk and 1 litre kefir (Note: If you have more milk than kefir, add a spoon of sour cream). Mix the ingredients in a pan, put the lid on, and let stand overnight. Next morning take the lid off the pot and bring to a boil over medium heat (but do not boil). You will see a yellowish liquid separating from the cottage cheese.

As soon as you bring the pot to a boil, remove it and let stand. Wrap tvorog in cheesecloth and hand it above a bowl until all the whey is drained off (by the way, you can wash your face with whey).

How to make tvorog without kefir 

Bring milk (1 litre) to a boil and add to it either juice of 1 lemon or natural yoghurt. Then follow the steps above – let tvorog cool and hang it in cheesecloth to separate tvorog from whey.

Bon appetite!

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